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01/06/2015 Peace Ambassadors Social Activities as Change Projects

Peace Ambassadors has launched diverse social activities in Kirkuk as change projects such as; Peace building though art sessions with children, peace football tournament for youth, promoting peace building and peaceful co-existence through awareness sessions with women in the frame of Sewing and hairdressing workshop sessions and blood donation campaign for sick children whom has Thalasemia



01/07/2015 Peace Ambassadors town hall meetings 'Official visits to public services directorates'

The Peace Ambassadors has visited diverse public services directorates to raise the efforts to enhance services, where they conducted a Participatory Rapid Appraisal in Kirkuk to determine the urgent needs of the communities and their priorities.


Focus on current activities

Peace Ambassadors are currently seeking to enhance diverse services in Kirkuk city through organizing town hall meetings with local authorities and decision makers. Peace Ambassadors are currently implementing change projects in Kirkuk to promote peace building and peaceful co-existence between communities living in the same city. Activities aim at relieving immediate sufferings of population along building a sense of unity by gathering the community to work together for the development of their city.